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Sony Playstation Vita 1000 Series OLED Console - Piano Black

Sony Playstation Vita 1000 Series OLED Console - Piano Black

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It’s a Swiss army knife of mobile gaming hardware, with so much power and so many built-in gadgets and gizmos that it’s hard to imagine any type of game it couldn’t cover and it any type of gamer it couldn’t satisfy. Whereas the PSP simply aspired to being a PS 2 in your pocket, PlayStation Vita wants more. It has the screen, the dual analogue sticks and the graphics power that hardcore gamers demand, but also the touch functionality, cameras, tilt controls and quirky download games to reach those looking for something less traditional. It’s all games machines to all men.

Impressively powerful and astonishingly feature-packed, PS Vita is - at least for its time - the ultimate handheld games machine. With its touch-capabilities, augmented-reality cameras and motion-sensing capabilities it’s a versatile little beast that should inspire some innovative developers, but it’s at its best playing big, immersive blockbuster games, where it brings the handheld and big-screen console gaming experiences closer than they’ve ever been before.

  • Authentic Sony product
  • Great cosmetic condition
  • Bright and damage free screen
  • Clear and loud sound
  • WiFi enabled
  • AC adapter and charging cable included

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came in very good condition, almost zero scratches and very clean, came fully charged and didn't even have to set it up.

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