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Logitech G923 with Drive Force Shifter Bundle - PS4 | PS5 | PC

Logitech G923 with Drive Force Shifter Bundle - PS4 | PS5 | PC

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Going the distance

You grip the wheel, its sturdy metal frame vibrating as your skin brushes against its leather surface. Your engine rumbles impatiently as you wait with your competitors at the starting line. There's a moment of tension that's released in a roar of activity, the rumble of your tires biting into the asphalt, rolling from the wheel into your hands. The camera pans out as you careen down the track. It's not the Grand Prix. It's just you in the living room, but you barely remember — you've got a race to win, after all.

Get deeper into your driving games

It's hard not to end up a little lost in the moment when the tactile feedback of a game pulls you in deep and doesn't let go. If you're looking to maximize your immersion with racing or driving simulation, Logitech's new G923 is your ticket to ride. Its solid construction and powerful feedback help you feel each turn for a realistic driving experience that's hard to match.

Responsive controls

Getting started is pretty easy. Clamp the wheel to a desk or table at a comfortable height, hook up the power, then plug your rig into a PC or console. Don't try to use the wheel on your lap, because the intensity of the force feedback makes that uncomfortable and unwieldy. Controls for the PS4 and PS5 are built right into the wheel, with an integrated center marker and rotary dial to help you fine-tune your settings. If you're playing on a PC it should only take a couple minutes to map your button layout. 

Both the wheel and the pedals are responsive and accurate, helping you feel your way through maneuvers on the virtual road. Cool details like an LED display for your RPM (rotations per minute) are a great touch, letting you know when you're redlining and bringing you closer to what it feels like inside of a racing car.

Firsthand driving impressions

Full disclosure, I've dabbled in racing games over the years, but it's been a while since I've dived deep. I loved Top Gear way back on the SNES and Ridge Racer V on the PS2, but I'm often too distracted by the latest RPG to spend too much time on the road. I was only ever playing with a standard controller, and that may have been what was holding me back.

When I got my hands on the G923, I wanted to do it justice, so I picked up a copy of Grand Turismo Sport for the full experience. I thought rocking out a wheel and pedals would be pretty cool, but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the added immersion sucked me in. After spending hours whipping around corners at dangerous speeds to the squeal of rubber on pavement, I've learned two things: the G923 is a metric ton of fun, and I'm not cut out to be a professional racer.

What have I become?

There's something about the rumble of the engine and the visceral resistance of the wheel fighting back that turns me into a monster. In real life, I'm a pretty chill driver and rarely pick up over 50 to 60 mph. As I played with the G923, my foot became a lead brick and I gained a very real need for speed. Other cars became obstacles that were suddenly very much "in my way" and found themselves fishtailed against the wall. When I played couch co-op with my daughter, I cackled just a little too loudly when I lapped her for the second time.

If you're looking for a cool racing experience, I think it's absolutely worth picking up the G923. Just be careful what you let yourself become in the meantime.

Logitech Driving Force Shifter for G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals

This combo comes with the Driving Force Shifter for added immersion.

Next-gen immersive feedback

The G923 uses TrueForce™, Logitech's powerful new force feedback system. This advanced technology helps you feel the pull of asphalt or crunch of gravel underneath your wheels. It's detailed enough to let you distinguish the engine purr of different vehicles while they're revving up. It does this by hooking into the physics of compatible games like GRID (2019), calculating the forces impacting your in-game vehicle's tires and steering wheel up to 4,000 times a second for unprecedented accuracy. Audio feedback is analyzed and integrated as well, bringing the sound of the road front and center.

Shift into gear

Few things make you feel more like a racecar driver than quickly switching gears as you burn up the virtual roadways. The Driving Force Shifter was made to complement the G923. The shifter is solidly constructed and has a short-throw design with a 6-speed "H" pattern and push-down reverse. Switching between gears feels smooth — the shift knob clicks in place, keeping you in control as you whip around turns and accelerate down the track.

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